Meet Amanda Jappert from OptoDoc in Fort McMurray, AB

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Meet Our Optician: Amanda Jappert

We want to take a moment to introduce our optician, Amanda Jappert, who joined us on board a few months ago. Amanda graduated from State University with a degree in Vision Science, specializing in contact lenses dispensing and refraction.

Amanda’s journey to Fort McMurray was driven by the opportunity to work with Dr. Mais and be part of a clinic known for its commitment to patients and staff.

Top-Notch Lenses at OptoDoc

At OptoDoc, we take pride in using SLO lenses, known for their superior quality and innovation in progressive lenses. SLO lenses are designed to optimize vision across all distances, ensuring clear and comfortable vision for our patients.
Our progressive lenses, including the latest Essilor series, offer unmatched versatility and comfort. With a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, we ensure that our patients are fully satisfied with their eyewear.
In addition to progressive lenses, we offer a range of specialty lenses, including driving lenses and blue light-filtering lenses. Our Essilor lenses with blue blocker technology provide protection from harmful blue rays emitted by artificial light sources, safeguarding your eye health.

Eye Protection for All Ages

At OptoDoc, we understand the importance of eye protection for all ages. Our blue light-filtering lenses are designed to protect the eyes of both adults and children, whether they are working professionals or avid gamers.

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