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At OptoDoc, we provide comprehensive eye examination, retinal imaging, ocular coherence tomography, retinal scans, optomap, visual field, keratometry, intraocular pressure, pachymetry, refraction, visual acuity, color vision, stereo testing, binocular vision evaluation and various other testing. Our advanced state of the art equipment assists our experienced optometrist to precisely diagnose and treat ocular condition such as: glaucoma, retinal detachment, diabetes retinopathy, age related macular degeneration, cataracts, eye infections and many anterior and posterior ocular conditions. We work closely with reputable Ophthalmologists in cases where a patient needs surgical and/or further advanced procedures that may be required.

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Meet the doctor

Dr. Mohammad Mais BSc. OD is the sole owner of OptoDoc eyewear and eye care and is very humbled to have the opportunity to provide optometry services to this wonderful region. He is also grateful for the continuous support that allowed him to reinvest and build his practice in Fort McMurray.

Interesting facts about the doctor!

He was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta

Moved to RMWB shortly after completing my BSc at Concordia in Alberta.

Completed his Doctorate of Optometry in 2011

Interested in a career with OptoDoc

At OptoDoc, we're passionate about bringing people better sight. And it takes many different types of people from all backgrounds to do this. By joining our team, you'll learn about the optical industry while developing the customer service and sales techniques needed to grow in your career.

Did you know?

We offer competitive wages and opportunity for advancement based on experience.

We operate in a joyful yet professional work environment.

We have well organized systems in place with modern equipment and software.

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